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    DIY Gifts & Decor

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    Add beads, crystals and bits of white lace to a stark wire votive holder, and you have a look that crosses romance with utility—and it works.

    Charming Party - Jewelry Making | Hobby Lobby

    This beautiful woodland wonder is a cinch to create! Start with one of our natural oval wreaths and randomly nestle bits of reindeer moss in and around the vines, securing with hot glue. For a punch of color, add whimsical flocked balls and berries.

    A Vine Time - Floral | Hobby Lobby

    Be inspired by the season and create a beautiful wreath!

    grapevine wreath Search Results | Hobby Lobby

    We paired on-the-branch apples with mini rosebuds, lavender and assorted greenery for a wreath that’s good enough to eat. Insert all stems into your grapevine wreath, beginning with your biggest items and securing with hot glue as you work. The trick to our luscious, in-full-bloom look? Fill and refill all empty spaces with flora of your choosing.

    A Vine Time - Floral | Hobby Lobby

    Posh up a standard accent pillow with a bold-as-can-be cluster of guinea fowl and ostrich feathers, using hot glue to secure. Then, top off the design with satin flowers and coordinating buttons. Voilà!

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    Handwritten chipboard words make a lovely addition to any craft project! To coordinate the word with your decor, apply pretty paper with Mod Podge and let dry. Next, use an X-ACTO knife to cut paper around the word before adding a final coat of Mod Podge for darling results.

    chipboard Search Results | Hobby Lobby

    This chair-mounted notebook caddy is a fun, no-sew project. To make it, we cut out a series of felt squares, finishing the edges with pinking shears. Then we glued the squares together.

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    Handwritten chipboard words make a lovely addition to any craft project!

    chipboard Search Results | Hobby Lobby

    Surprise your new neighbors with cute-enough-to-display kitchen accessories!

    kitchen accessories Search Results | Hobby Lobby

    You know how to do a dress up day right—with accessories made from glitter fabric! Just cut out simple shapes, and embellish with gemstones. Crown: Attach back strap with hand-glittered brads. Necklace: Punch a hole at each end, and knot on two ribbons for a closure. Wand: Coat a dowel rod with loose glitter, and sandwich between layered cutouts.

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    Ordinary candles are instantly transformed into chic-decor with the simple addition of lace and candlepins. Mix and match ribbon and embellishments to accentuate your personal style or to coordinate with any party theme!

    Pin the Mood - Home Decor | Hobby Lobby

    If you treat your dog like a king or queen, dress them like it too! Create a personalized ID tag using metal stamps!

    Stamping Grounds - Jewelry Making | Hobby Lobby

    Create your own fall carnival games using paper mache boxes and felt!

    paper mache box Search Results | Hobby Lobby

    Liven up a lonely corner with a feathers-meet-floral display. This custom arrangement features vivid tail feathers and faux grass sprays (available in the Floral Department), pushed into a simple foam ball.

    Feather Your Nest - Crafts | Hobby Lobby

    DIY burlap curtains make a stylish addition to your home decor!

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    Give an artfully antiqued look to embossed cardstock by gently rubbing the embossed surface with fine grit sandpaper. Instant aging!

    Emboss This! - Paper Crafts | Hobby Lobby

    Mix up your favorite hobby with a new craft! Embroider a set of tea towels to celebrate the season or to give as a gift!

    tea towel Search Results - Yarn & Needle Art | Hobby Lobby

    Keeping desktop disarray at bay can feel like a never-ending task. But thanks to some DIY dividers, your job is now that much easier. Just paint paper-maché boxes, cover them in paper, and decorate with stickers and embellishments.

    Pattern Play - Paper Crafts | Hobby Lobby

    Letters just get better and better! Eyelets and rivets give a modern industrial look to this simple DIY project.

    rivets Search Results - Fabric & Sewing | Hobby Lobby

    Personalize a whole houseful of on-trend accessories & home décor with our easy-to-DIY iron-ons!

    Letter Together - Wearable Art | Hobby Lobby

    Transform scrapbook paper boxes into handy organizers with these nothing-to-it DIY!

    Keys Wall Hook | Hobby Lobby | 624916

    Generic kitchen towels? Why not make them to order? To get the look: Cut your own oversized monogram from an iron-on transfer sheet, and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then add smaller, ready-to-go letters. TIP: For best results, do not use water or steam while ironing. Let iron-on cool before removing back.

    Letter Together - Wearable Art | Hobby Lobby

    These precious pumpkins feature 12” x 12” sheets of patterned and glitter paper adhered back to back and cut into strips. The strips are connected with brads, one at the top and one at the bottom, and the stem is a simple wooden spool.

    A Haunted Soiree - Seasonal & Holiday | Hobby Lobby

    “Weave” your flag for Labor Day with your favorite pieces of ribbon, trim, lace and fabric!

    ribbon Search Results - Fabric & Sewing - Fabric Weekly Ad - White - Red - Blue | Hobby Lobby

    Learn how to make DIY star pillows! 1) Cut out 2 pieces of burlap and muslin corresponding to the size of each pillow insert. TIP: Be sure to measure extra fabric along each edge to sew seam. 2) Using a stamp and fabric paint, place stars on the burlap fabric. 3) Once dry, place burlap square in front of the muslin square and sew the four squares' wrong sides together. Leave one side open. 4) Turn the fabric right side out and fill with pillow insert. Use a hidden stitch to close the opening.

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