Homeschooling with Lego

Homeschooling with Lego

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These LEGO Math Games are easy to set up and a lot of fun to play. | Brain Power Boy

LEGO Learning: Math Games - Brain Power Boy

10 Reasons You Should Start A Family Lego Project Today

10 Reasons You Should Start A Family Lego Project Today

Free Lego Game Board Printable for reviewing math facts, spelling, CC work, etc

LEGO Game Board Printable for Memory Review Work

15 fun and easy LEGO science activities for kids #Science

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LEGO HOMESCHOOLING RESOURCES   The following list is full of Lego freebies, resources, activities, and more and they are all FREE

Hundreds of FREE LEGO Homeschooling Resources

LEGO Math Activities for Kids: The Number Line Game. Playful math.

LEGO Math Games: The LEGO Number Line

pin head lego figure FREE Printable LEGO Pin the Head on the Minifigure

FREE Printable LEGO Pin the Head on the Minifigure

lego ornaments! Instructions for making your own.

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Setting up a Lego Excavation

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Make exploring math concepts—including multiplication and place value—fun for students using Lego bricks. Here are some ideas.

We Are Teachers

51 quests for kids (or adults) to use LEGOs more creatively

LEGO Quest Kids: Final Challenge - Quest # 52

Lego tower - this took months to make. Great job though!

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such a fun thing to try and create!

Lego Candy Dispenser

The LEGO® Story - YouTube The history of the Lego company as an animation.

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How to Make a Parachute for your lego guy

zakka life: How to Make a Toy Parachute

Did You Know That You Can Rent LEGO Sets? Pleygo

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Learning With LEGOS - an ultimate resource guide @MaryKPrather #ihsnet

Learning With LEGOS - Home - Homegrown Learners

Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

A FREE LEGO App that kids can make motion picture movies - Kids learn how motion pictures work and be creative at the same time #kidsapps #free #LEGO

FREE App: LEGO Movie Maker | iGameMom

Lego Australia Map Fun idea. You could 'lego' your way around the world for #homeschool geography.

Is There Anything You Can't Do With Lego?

The Objective of the Lego Listening Game … is for one player to arrange his/her blocks in exactly the same design/pattern as the other player. The catch is that players cannot see each others’ blocks/board but must rely only on verbal instructions. This is a fabulous game for developing both spoken language and vocabulary as well as listening skills!

Homemade Lego Listening Game - Childrens Stories

Easy instructions for making a LEGO tray for the car. No more lost LEGO!

How to Make a Mobile LEGO tray

Free Lego Instructions. GREAT site with TONS of instruction manuals for lego sets.

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Rocket Car Science - Build a lego car that accelerates using a chemical reaction and measure how far it goes. #homeschool #lego #science

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Earthquake science project using lego buildings. #homeshcool #science #lego

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