Wow that's really deep but honestly is true for me. Like because I'm so independent and stuff. So I tend to not be social sometimes. Idk sometimes I feel like I'm alone even though I know so many wonderful people and love them of course. This is 100% accurate.

Wow, that one really hit me hard.but I think it's super true. The second half anyway.I don't know about angel. <<< Must be a Cancer too WHYYY. I disagree with second half 🌝 Do not think I'm a piece of 💩 tqvm

I do sleep a lot on the weekends! more WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope here! >>>I'm a Leo and this is so true. I literally cannot function if I don't get 8 hrs of sleep!


Gemini cares about nothing. But then why do we have no chill! Oh yeah ok then. >> I love being a Sagittarius

This is actually true. #Aries                                                                                                                                                      More

Aquarius, and this is so true for me! But Libra and Sagittarius will fit me too though. lol Love British accents and Books!


You know why Virgo has headaches? Because they've been hanging around Gemini for to long