Animal Crafts

HowStuffWorks animal crafts board containing a wide variety of animal crafts and activities for kids. Discovery crafts for your child's favorite animal.
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Crafting a Bug Box #crafts #animalcrafts

Crafting a Bug Box

Crafting a bug box for watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly or to house other insects. Learn about crafting a bug box.

Crafting a Bird Feeder - #crafts #animalcrafts

Crafting a Bird Feeder

Crafting a bird feeder at home is a great crafting idea for kids that will coax songbirds to the yard. Learn how to create a bird feeder.

Make all sorts of fun pine cone creatures!

Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

Pine Cone Creatures Craft - Try this pine cone creatures craft and create wild, imaginary animals. Learn more about this pine cone creatures craft in pine cone crafts for kids.

Animal Soundbox #crafts #animalcrafts

Animal Activities

Animal Soundbox - The Animal Soundbox craft is a fun animal activity for kids.

City Wildlife Safari #crafts #animalcrafts

Animal Activities

City Wildlife Safari - The City Wildlife Safari animal activity proves you don't need to live in a jungle to see wildlife. Learn more about animal activities for kids.

Butterfly Autograph Book #butterfly #crafts #books

Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly Autograph Book - A butterfly autograph book encourages kids to collect signatures, poems, and memories.

Animal Tales #crafts #animalcrafts

Animal Activities

Animal Tales - This Animal Tale is an easy animal activity for kids.