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You'll have a green thumb in no time! #gardening

20+ Insanely Clever Gardening Tips and Ideas (flowers & vegetables)

DIY Tips for Moving Heavy Potted Plants - Are your yard planters too heavy to move? Use packing peanuts to cut the weight in half and improve drainage. very clever idea!

A small pea-gravel pad edged with clipped boxwood lines an arbor bursting with the blooms of climbing 'Eden' rose above it. | Photo: Mark Lohman |

5 Design Ideas for Sheared Shrubs

Pierre de Ronsard 'Eden' light pink and creamy white climbing rose + tightly clipped boxwood hedges :: How to Grow Boxwood Shrubs

10 Best Smelling Flowers - HowStuffWorks

10 Best Smelling Flowers

nuclearSite SweetAlyssum, means"not enraged";said to also help in calming a persons extreme anger. A Fragrant, Easy to Grow Flower

Annual Flowers Image Gallery

African Daisy

10 Perennials for the Northeast - HowStuffWorks

10 Perennials for the Northeast

Many coreopsis bloom from early summer through late fall. #gardening

Top 5 Perennials in the Southeast

How Grass Works - HowStuffWorks

How Grass Works

Grass plays an important role in enhancing the look of your house. Find out how grass grows and how to make your lawn the best looking on the block.

5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger - HowStuffWorks

5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger

These 5 ways to make a garden look larger show that one should focus on perception rather than size. Learn 5 ways to make a garden look larger.

How Orchids Work - HowStuffWorks

How Orchids Work

Orchids might be the sexiest flower in the greenhouse. Learn about different types of orchids and how to grow orchids at HowStuffWorks.

The sunflower is one of the obvious choices for summer, but what are some other popular plants that thrive in warm weather?

Top 10 Summer Plants

When most people think of summer plants, visions of bright, colorful flowers come to mind. Check out this article and learn about the top 10 summer plants.

Bachelor's Button, Cornflower: A Profile of an Annual - HowStuffWorks

Bachelor's Button, Cornflower

Fertilizing Vegetable Garden Soil - Fertilizing vegetable garden soil can ensure that your crop gets the right nutrients. Learn all about vegetable garden soil at HowStuffWorks.

Our world is full of insects, and our first response to seeing one is usually to reach for a can of spray to zap it. Is this good idea? What's in your typical can of bug spray? And, could it harm you, too?

How Bug Spray Works

What's in your typical can of bug spray? Find out how bug spray works at HowStuffWorks.

Snapdragons are great for the Northeast. #gardening

5 Annuals for the Northeast

Snapdragons, cottage garden Love the yellow ones. They smell like fresh laundry and lemons.

How Lawn Mowers Work - HowStuffWorks

How Lawn Mowers Work

A flagstone mowing strip can offer a more natural feel than a material such as poured concrete.

How Landscape Restoration Works - HowStuffWorks

How Landscape Restoration Works

Landscaping principles address things like color, texture, grouping and more. Learn more about landscaping principles at HowStuffWorks.

How Oscillating Sprinklers Work - HowStuffWorks

How Oscillating Sprinklers Work

Every year, there comes a time to pull out the oscillating sprinklers. Ever wonder just what makes an oscillating sprinkler oscillate?