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Products I Love

My favorite natural hair products (store-bought & homemade mixes)

Top 7 Oils: Promote Growth & Healthy Scalp

How to melt a Henna Heart gloss bar. Visit page for full tutorial plus before & after pics. See how henna changes dark brown hair.

TUTORIAL: Henna Hearts gloss bar: Add 6 oz of liquid to melted gloss bar & stir. Use plain water, coconut milk or aloe gel. Visit page for full tutorial plus before & after pics. See how henna changes dark brown hair.

Henna Hearts: Henna gloss bars from K.j. Naturals. click to learn how to use a henna gloss bar

Ever tried a shampoo bar before? This one smells just like honey. Combined with shea butter, it moisturizes hair leaving it clean and soft but not completely stripped.

Visit the product page for hair stretching tips for naturals. My favorite method is banding ponytails. What's yours?

Try the cowash or hot oil treatment alone or as a set (includes moisture sealing butter). That's my daughter when she was 4 yrs old. She's 5 now and her hair is waist-length. I share tips on how to use this kit on the product page.

Ayurvedic deep treatment for thicker, stronger, shinier hair. This pic shows the 100% natural powders & oils alone and mixed with pure coconut milk. Contains amla, brahmi, jaswand, hemp oil, neem powder and more.

Amla Brahmi Bar: Natural ayurvedic shampoo. Moisturizing for curly/coily hair types. Leaves hair shiny and soft. You might not need a conditioner after using this bar. Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse (1 tsp vinegar: 1 cup of water) to restore pH and improve detangling/shine.

BEFORE & AFTER: Hair growth 12 weeks after my bob haircut. I've been washing w/ K.j. Naturals handmade shampoo bars then using the deep conditioning masks. Lastly, I seal moisture & style with Jamaican Jelly and/or Hemp Hair Butter with Carrot Extract. It's about 1 to 1.5 inches longer now and soft/healthy. If you'd like to try any products, use promo code: NEWFRIEND to get $5 off any $25 purchase.

Cannabis Hair & Body Bar for Men in "Dragon's Blood" scent. Made from hempseed oil, this bar cleans & moisturizes from head to toe. It's 40% off with code BLACKFRIDAY every Friday!

How shampoo bars are made: These are marshmallow root shampoo bars. They're made via CPOP (cold process, oven process method). It makes that cool white layer at the top that looks all "marshmallowey". :-)

How to clean hair & skin without commercial detergents: French green clay, Moroccan rhassoul, Bentonite & Fuller's Earth clay. Cleans hair & skin. Great for coily hair, acne-prone skin & dandruff/itchy scalp.

Snag a free sample on the product page while they last. :-) These are very moisturizing and mild- perfect for tangle-prone, dry or curly/coily hair types.

Solid cowash bar for curly/coily hair.

Kids can make fun shapes with this all-natural anti-itch soap. Feels like Play-Dough but lathers like soap!

(slept-on) 2 strand twist-out on 4b coils with Jamaican Jelly from K.j. Naturals

Party Favors: Moroccan Mask for Hair & Skin- just add water. S.P.A. Pops (Share, Pamper, Amaze!)

Clay Mask Party Favors! S.P.A. Pops (Share, Pamper, Amaze)- Just add water. Great facial & hair mask- Exfoliates skin/scalp, cleanses & conditions

Only 1 product in my hair: Jamaican Jelly! Gave me a nice seal, soft hold & shine for this soft wave look. If you want to know how I achieved this style, click to the pic to add your name to my subscriber list and learn more about what styles you can create with Jamaican Jelly.

waves and coils defined with jamaican jelly

castor jelly & messy top knot bun

Waves poppin' courtesy of "Jamaican Jelly" from K.j. Naturals. And I smell like Juicy Lime & Grapefruit, too!