Infant Development Association

Infant Development Association
California / IDA-- Supporting California's Early Intervention Community. We are a multidisciplinary organization of parents and professionals. Pins do not imply endorsement.
Infant Development Association
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Infant Mental Health | Amy Huffer | TEDxOStateU

Amy Huffer talks about the importance of infant mental health at the 2015 TEDxOStateU event, April on the Oklahoma State University campus.

Autism Speaks No Longer Seeking Cure

Autism Speaks No Longer Seeking Cure - Still doesn't forgive their continued issues, time will tell if they decide to start supporting Autistic people instead of harming us.

Finding the clues for better autism treatments

Finding the clues for better autism treatments Credit: Medical University of South Carolina

Autism: Parent-Led Therapy Reduces Symptom Severity

Teaching parents to communicate and respond to their autistic child provides durable improvement in severity of core autism symptoms.

Early Intervention Strategies

Join us for exciting discussions about implementing early intervention supports and strategies! Learn tips and strategies you can use when working with families of infants and toddlers with special needs.

NECTAC Early Childhood Techical Assistance Center

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center : Improving Systems, Practices and Outcomes for Young Children with Disabilities and their Families

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