We all need time to ourselves now and then. That is why we make bathroom furniture that gives you space for everything you need, we have a wide selection of bathroom cabinets and accessories with smart ways to keep it organised. So you can spend less time searching for the toothpaste and more time taking a good care of yourself.

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Thanks to suckion cups you can attach six plastic boxes filled with ferns to the tiles on your bathroom wall.

Want to be more than a window gardener?

Even hanging up a towel makes a difference! Properly aired towels stay clean and fresh smelling for longer, meaning less water wasted on washing machine loads. A rack over the tub lets towels and face cloths air out without getting in the way.

A more eco-friendly bathroom

Save on energy and water Cutting back on how much water and electricity we use are simple ways to save. Here are our top three tips: 1. Switch to LED. It uses 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and lasts for up to 20 years. 2. Tackle your taps! Turn them off while brushing teeth and fix any drips. A dripping tap can waste enough water to fill a bathtub every day. 3. Enlist help. Choose taps, showers and toilets with built-in water saving features to do the job for you.

A more eco-friendly bathroom

Big or small, sort things here A waste sorting system is an easy way to make your bathroom more sustainable. And it’s not just big things. Bottle tops, cotton balls – all those tiny bits of waste add up. Small containers make it easy to recycle little bits over time.

A more eco-friendly bathroom

Small steps to a more eco-friendly bathroom When it comes to living more sustainably at home, most of us think about the kitchen and forget all about the bathroom. But because every member of the household uses it every day, small changes here can add up to make a big difference.

A more eco-friendly bathroom

Adding plants in the bathroom brings an instant sanctuary feel. Ladders don’t take up much space, so why not create more impact with two? Spray-painting one in a vibrant colour can bring real drama to a white scheme. Choose plants that thrive in a steamy environment and play with different textures, leaf shapes or trailing plants, plus a few flowers to break up the green. Go for pots in a mixture of sizes and shapes, but stick to one or two colours to keep the look harmonious.

Indoor garden ideas

HEMNES/ODENSVIK white wash-stand with two drawers and RUNSKÄR mixer tap

IKEA Bathroom Ideas | Ideas to make your mornings smile

RÅGRUND towel rack chair, mirror and shelving unit in bamboo

IKEA Bathroom Ideas | Ideas to make your mornings smile

A small bathroom with a wash-basin cabinet and a corner cabinet in light brown stained solid pine

IKEA Bathroom Ideas | Ideas to make your mornings smile

LILLÅNGEN wash-basin cabinet with two tempered glass doors and IREVIKEN wash-basin

IKEA Bathroom Ideas | Ideas to make your mornings smile

GODMORGON/BRÅVIKEN white high-gloss wash-stand with two drawers and GODMORGON mirror cabinet

IKEA Bathroom Ideas | Ideas to make your mornings smile

A white bathroom with GODMORGON washstand in black brown and MOLGER trolley in birch.

IKEA Bathroom Ideas | Ideas to make your mornings smile

Separate and label your washing baskets for a stress-free laundry routine.

Break your bathroom rules

Sharing a bathroom can be a squeeze, but when you make the most of your walls and nooks, it’s possible to find space where you didn’t even know you had it.

How to find space in a tiny bathroom

Make those morning and night time routines go a lot more smoothly with separate LILLÅNGEN sinks.

Break your bathroom rules

LIDAN baskets, for early morning organisational assistance.

IKEA Bathroom Storage Baskets & Accessories | IKEA

The LOSJÖN hanger doesn't just bring colours into your bathroom, it can also be placed at children’s height, making evening bath time that little bit easier.

Towel Rails & Racks, Towel Holders & Hooks from £0.80 | IKEA

On average, London ladies spend 18 minutes grooming in the morning. Meet GODMORGON, the perfect assistant.

IKEA Bathroom Accessories | Shop with IKEA

With ALGOT frames, rods and bins you can create a laundry day solution that’s just right for you. The hardwearing, stain-resistant shelves are easy to keep clean, which makes them ideal for the room where you already have enough washing to do.

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Keep your laundry in order with a stylish basket such as this one from our PORTIS series.

Laundry | Shop at IKEA

Forget the grey day outside with colourful curtains such as these from our MALIN FIGUR range.

IKEA Bedroom Furniture | Buy Bedroom Furniture Sets

Versatile, elegant, gorgeous - and that's just the storage! Give your bits and bobs the home they deserve with our PALLRA range.

PALLRA Box with lid - dark grey, 27x22x20 cm - IKEA

All aboard! Next stop - Gorgeous! Courtesy of a GRUNDTAL trolley for bathroom bits and pieces.

IKEA Bathroom Furniture | Bathroom Cabinets & Bathroom Ideas

Hooks and rails are a necessity in a bathroom. Where to hang your towel, clothes and anything else you can?! The HJÄLMAREN range has many different kinds of hanging systems in a variety of colours. The solution to your hook hang-up.

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Keep your bathroom essentials organised all in one location with the HEMNES shelving unit. Towels, products (and spare toilet paper!) can each get a shelf leaving your bathroom floor and windowsill empty and clear of clutter. For a chic, tidy and finished look, browse the HEMNES range.

HEMNES Shelving unit - white - IKEA