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Life is morning madness, and here you can discover ideas to turn the first 59 minutes of your day into the beginning of a great one. Check out the results of our nationwide morning survey and get inspired by tips from renowned experts and exciting IKEA solutions.
PAX wardrobes - Even behind closed doors, you can avoid closet clutter by making sure you have the right type of organization for your things.

PAX wardrobes - Even behind closed doors, you can avoid closet clutter by…

Re-think your space to furnish around your needs. Have a small bathroom? Create a makeup station into your bedroom! The ALEX shelves and MUSIK wall lamps from IKEA make a great morning makeover station.

EKBY ALEX / EKBY VALTER Shelf with drawer, white, black

A little space just for makeup & pampering. Mount the EKBY Ikea wall shelf to create a dressing table without taking up a lot of space.

More than just a toy box! The STUVA bench makes a great bedside table, with a wide surface and storage for extra bedding.

STUVA Storage bench, white, white

The ikea STUVA bench makes a great bedside table, with a wide surface and storage for extra bedding/whatever.

Use a freestanding DRAGGAN cart to save space in the bathroom! Its size and wheels makes it easy to move around to fit almost anywhere you need it. Extra tip: Add S-hooks to the rails to hang towels and jewelry from.

Blue cart standing next to sink; IKEA cart, for extra storage with pedastol sink

Keep everything you bring to work in the same place to make your mornings a little less stressful. Decorative hooks and a small shelf with drawers provide just the right amount of storage without cluttering your entryway.

IKEA - EKBY ALEX, Shelf with drawers, , Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.

Sharing bathroom space with a partner takes some getting used to. I find it Is best to organize your part of the space to your liking and let your partner do his/her own organizing to avoid any potential arguments. You may even be able to mount some additional shallow cabinets like this HEMNES mirror cabinet to keep things separated and organized.

HEMNES High cabinet with mirror door, white

IKEA - HEMNES, High cabinet with mirror door, white, , You can move the shelves and adjust the spacing according to your personal needs.

Put your mind at ease before you start your day. If you've got an early wake up call for a business meeting (or surf trip), visualize yourself making a successful presentation or riding the perfect wave immediately upon waking. And don't forget to set the alarm clock a bit early so you can do this without feeling rushed.

Even in the smallest of bedrooms, there's always room for storage. Wall shelves help to make the most of the space you have, so you can display the things you love and keep important items within reach.

5 Tips for Living in a Small (Rental) Bathroom - Thanks @IKEAUSA #First59

5 Tips for Living in a Small (Rental) Bathroom

IKEA - MOLGER, Shelving unit, birch, , The open shelves give a clear overview and easy access.

Drawer dividers are the perfect way to help organize your makeup in the bathroom. Not many people think to bring these into their vanity, but they will do wonders! Remember to separate out your hair products and skincare routine into their own individual drawers. The GODMORGON in-drawer organizers are perfect for sorting through all the different toiletries.

IKEA - GODMORGON / ODENSVIK, Wash-stand with 4 drawers, high-gloss white , 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.Smooth-running and soft-closing drawers with pull-out stop.

Women are more likely to get stressed in the morning than men. So any awkward space that can be used to get more organized counts. Find more tips to help relieve stress in the mornings at #FIRST59

In a small space you may find you'll need to share closet space with your baby. The ALGOT storage system allows you to customize storage for family members of all ages.

70% of Americans share their bathroom with a spouse or partner. Organize your toiletries, make-up and accessories to make it easy to find what you need faster in the morning. GODMORGON storage units from IKEA are a great option to help clear clutter and get your items in order.

GODMORGON Box with compartments, clear

Bathroom drawer organizers and other genius things from the folks at IKEA

41% of Americans surveyed do not have a typical morning routine. Start with hanging your outfit for the next day, it may save you 6 minutes or more every morning. Get more tips to make the most of your mornings at #FIRST59

one room apartment inspiration

Implement kid-friendly solutions throughout the home to make it easy for you to access what you need. Think about the right height of the solutions so your children can help get themselves ready. The LOSJÖN hanger from IKEA doesn't just bring colors into your bathroom, it can also be placed at children’s height.

LOSJÖN Hanger, mixed colors assorted colors

Perfect to collect bath toys! This trash basket is easy to clean and great for storing bath toys.

Survey respondents from the Northeast were more likely to check their phones, laptops or other digital devices in the morning than those from other areas of the U.S. Get tips for how to make the most out of the first 59 minutes of your day at #FIRST59

Make any space a work space with the SVARTASEN laptop stand. Just raise or lower the work surface to a height that suits your needs : )

64% of Americans make the bed on a regular weekday morning, and women do so more than men. Get tips from experts and solutions from IKEA to make the most of your mornings at #FIRST59

Fresh and bright, green and white IKEA bedroom