Dipper always defies expectations.

Or, you know, that works>> Where did the smol cinnamon roll get a razor? But why did he have it? Does 7 year old dipper keep a razor in his pocket?


A sudden realization by markmak on DeviantArt>>dipper is like wtf?>> we're all Mabel >>this remains me of the wax figure of Stan and why Stan loved it so much

Stan Gravity Falls. Do you see that profile picture XD

Don't know if this is true, but it's an interesting theory -- Stanley thought it was Stanford.

Bill on dippers psyche

God damn it Bipper shippers wake up. I might like these two but you guys also need to wake up and smell the canon

HAHA, Gravity falls

Ford is EVERYTHIIIIIING <<< I absolutely love Ford's relationship with Dipper this episode. Like, I was squealing when I saw them laughing and getting along so well, as they obsessively played their adorable nerdy game. So precious ^-^<<< yes.

mabel y dipper

Just one of those pieces of fanart that makes me so glad things went the way they did.nRead what Dipper says as if he is talking to Mabel in the bubble.

Gravity Falls anime-style opening!

Who else agrees this reminds you of the lyrics at the end of Bad Apple: ".and it all will fade to black.