Five nights at Freddie's

(Five Nights At Freddie's) The fan base of this game, always making fun of the animatronic's poses.

FNAF | Foxy by on @DeviantArt

noooo tio foxy no me mires asi porfavor que me muero.espera un segundo en lugar de ser un zorrito parese un gatito o algo asi

Five Nights at Freddy's You Can't

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This made my friends crack up. It also made two people REALLY want the FNAF games.

Mike.... ahahahahahahaha

Another wasted gif

Five Nights at Freddy's by on @deviantART

Five nights at freddys photo trailer in person!

FNAF | You... Don't Want My Gift?... by on @DeviantArt

I want your gift puppet *takes the gift*

Poor puppet and souls

The puppet and missing kids souls

poor golden freddy by on @deviantART

Ill try golden *hugs golden freddy*

Five Nights at Freddy's over 9000!

Well, Foxy does have a lot of fangirl OC girlfriends.

Break time

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foxy five nights at freddy's - Google Search

All I could think about was my cat foxy.

When someone makes it through the night.

Play 5 nights at freddys 2 things get a lot harder

Bite of '87 by kinginbros2011 on deviantART

Bite of ; so sad poor foxy and Mike

Five Nights at Freddy's

Oh god Foxy got the old guy xD Love VGCats

rebornica fnaf purple guy - Google Search

Mike remembers the good ol' days of being a night guard (Rebornica's AU)

Puns by Myebi

Puns btw Spring I would love to be your friend I am good at making puns