This isn't just teenage it's everyone

Tell me about it! My teacher loves to ignore me ( at least I think she does, out of 10 she walks away!) if this happens to you comment on it, I think my teacher hates my hand

Teenager posts!

these are supposed to be teenager posts but im pretty sure most of them still apply to my adult life<<<<<<Welcome to the teenage life once

Teenager Posts Of The Week: The Meaning Of Homework And How To ...

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Everyone's always trying to save your life, so I told them to chill out and bought lifesavers.when I do homework it gives me more energy

Teenager Posts

Teenager Posts~ sometimes tho I'm just all like U DONT GET IT to my mom but still SOOO VERY true it's makes me sad 😢 I swear I'm gonna b like the most willing mom ever but reality I'm gonna b worse.

all the time.


Moms everywhere are probably banging their face against the wall from the thruthfulness of this pin.SO TRUE!

Dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower is a terrifying experience teenager post

Teenager Posts- exactly! Of course if I actually did say that I would get in huge trouble!


my mom once walked into my room and saw all my clothes were on the floor and i said this to her and i ended up on the floor.laughing at her reaction. And then had to clean it all up and then I was grounded because I didn't clean my room

'Teenager Posts' Of The Week: Autocorrect's Worst Offense And The Dangers Of Being TOO Sarcastic

Do These 15 'Teenager Posts' Describe Your Life?

Teenager Post Me ever night: I don't need to sleep. Me every morning: I need to sleep for 3 days straight.

Teenager Post

Me: *bumps into mannequin in a store* Sor. *starts having conversation with mannequin*

I should really apologise to my sisters for all the times I've falsely accused them

I did this once:😂😂😂I had my eraser in my hand and I was all like who has it you better tell me who stole it seriously guys not funny give it back. And then I looked down and it was in my hand!