Bibimbap coréen #coreen #plat #bibimbap / à essayer avec du tofu mariné à la place du boeuf et de la sauce tamari?

Bibimbap coréen

Bibimbap coréen [ "Bibimbap Mixed Rice, Baked Egg with Meat and Vegetables / BonneTable", "Bibimbap Mixed Rice with Meat and Veget

taboulé libanais

Taboulé libanais, le vrai…

taboulé libanais/ lebanese tabouleh with parsley

Salade thaï falafels aux graines de chia de Loveliveraw

Raw Pad Thai with Indian Falafels / I like these easy raw falafels. If you don't have Kafta Masala just use Cumin or whatever spices you fancy.

Shakshuka – Mediterranean Egg Dish / Drizzle and Dip #paleo

Shakshuka – Mediterranean Egg Dish / Drizzle and Dip - Spicy and a lottttt of chopping but delicious and a great new way to make eggs!

Liban : Lahm Bi Ajin (Sfiha)

These "Arab pizzas" called lahm bi ajin date back to the fifteenth century and would have appeared in the region of the Beqaa Valley in Eastern Lebanon.