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Seuss Day on Friday, March 2013 at home or school by dressing up or making one of these Dr. Seuss crafts together. Seuss Day is celebrated on {or around} Dr. Seuss’s birthday which is March Second… so Happy Birthday Dr.

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You

I have hazel eyes. This describes me but im not outgoing,but every thing else is right. What Your Eye Color Says About You

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Fact: People with brown/hazel eyes are the most fun and happy. They kiss the best and will love when not wanted; they always end up falling for people they haven't known for long. They are the most hyper and crazy people, you can't do better than them.

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Brown Eyes: The brown eye color is much common and people who have that are considered as attractive, confident and adorable. They are independent people who love to make new friends, are polite and caring. They can cheer people up and make them laugh. They have affectionate nature and care very much about their family. Also an important feature of brown eyed people is that they are self confident and very determined, persevering people. They are nature lovers, spiritual and can be very…

Most of that is totally true bout me! For all the brown eyed girls like me, listen to da song brown eyed girl, sha lalalalala My crush has brown eyes.

I guess part of this is true for me. Except the attractive/adorable part

Why add attractive/adorable? Are people with brown or hazel or green eyes not attractive/adorable? That is eye color racism.

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You-- this is totally me, but idk cause ,my eyes change between green and gray

Imma greeny:] I was extremely hyper once you get to know me

green+brown+gold = hazel eyes = me. I just have green hazel eyes. The shyness thing doesn't explain me too much.

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30 Dr Seuss quotes than can change your life. Pinner says: I thank my parents for getting me a Dr.Seuss book set when I was a kid. Seuss books taught me how to be myself.

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Little Gems from 'The Seuss'!

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Nice Poster Featuring Some of Dr.Seuss Lessons for Kids (ESP For Dr. Seuss Day on March

Think, think, think!

Seuss applies to learning for kids of ALL ages (yes, I would post this in my HIGH SCHOOL English classroom).


I could read it. Can you read it? Repost if you can please. --> I can read this. Its actualy pretty easy.

True story about blue or green eyed people :)  My hubby has blue eyes, I have green.

Blue and green eyes are a genetic disorder.<<< I have a mix of blue/green/gray eyes and I'm most of this.except for the long relationships thing (minus friends) but I can get hyper if I want to b. Overall this is true

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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Quote from my favorite Dr. Seuss book, Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?