How can I have a boyfriend when I'm obsessed with the boys? There's literally no time


One Direction and Disney Mash-Up

Not a big fan of but seriously the "We shall be married in the morning" so got me laughing.

Just the cutest thing that ever walk this planet !♥ And that last face...OMG MY .FEELSSSS

Just the cutest thing that ever walk this planet !♥ And that last face.FEELSSSS I think Naill is cute!

#reallniallgirlhere Niall girl from the beginning and all the way to the end

All directionater are suddenly turning into niall girls. All of the original Niall girls have loved him because he was cute and his wonderful personality. He is amazing. And I always have and always will be a Niall girl. I have always been a niall girl

:) {GIF} this made my day

(gif)>>>this is probably the most funniest thing i have ever watched!<<hahahahahaha harry what are u doing?


THIS FANDOM.>>>>Lord help this fandom. We all need Jesus. <<<< This fandom makes me laugh so much I cant even laugh anymore.

One direction

There is this girl at school who really pisses me off she says she like the boys better than me but she calls LOUIS LEWIS it makes me wanna barf

It was Hannah Montana!

It was Hannah Montana! ha ha love it that cracks me up every time especially since in Hannah Montana selena was Hannah's biggest rival

This is like so true. oh Zayns high notes. why is he so perfect? im just gonna sit here and think about that.