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Teddy and Victorie in their fist house party afther the change. Take by Louis who was complaning about don't have a boyfriend.

Its amazing when he does this to me even from across the room and he just stares and grins when I catch him doing it but instead of turning away he still keeps looking unashamed of watching my every move

(I need someone to be the guy) i hugged him and smiled. I have the man of my dreams right next to me in bed. He was reading. I looked up to him and he smiled. He put his arms around me and we read together. (I wish this would happen to me )

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Like every other result for the "couple" search, this is a heterosexual couple. That expectation that everyone is heterosexual is heteronormativity. This idealistic depiction of a couple necessitates a tall, strong man to help and support a short girl.