Scotch Eggs - UK

Scotch Eggs - Low Carb and Gluten Free

Low carb diabetic recipes "Scotch Eggs - find out what all of the fuss is about! Low Carb & Gluten Free "Make curry mustard for them.

Torrijas - Spain

Torrijas - Spanish Fried Milk Toasts

Torrijas - Spanish Fried Milk Toasts // Torrijas are a typical Spanish dessert that are very popular during lent and holy week in Spain. Stale bread is soaked in a sweetened milk, then dipped in egg and fried. It's sort of a variation on French toast!

Baranek wielkanocny - Poland

Sugar Cookie

How to Make a Traditional Easter Lamb Cake: This cast-iron lamb mold is still used in my family to make lamb pound cake for Easter.

Simnel Cake - UK

Making this Mary Berry recipe Simnel Cake today for my Marzipan Addict of a husband.

Gubana - Italy

Gubana - Sweet Italian Easter bread - - Fine cooking recipes for everyone

Easter spice bun - Jamaica

Jamaican Easter Spice Bun

Jamaican Easter Spice Bun--YES! 'boon and cheese'.that's what you call it when you order this bread and they put a slab of american (velveeta) on's really quite good MJK

Omlos teasutemeny - Hungary

Omlos Teasutemeny

Ma'amoul - Lebanon

Middle Eastern Date-Filled Cookies (Ma’amoul)

Janssons frestelse - Sweden

This creamy potato and fish gratin is called Janssons frestelse in Swedish, which means Jansson’s temptation (apostrophes don't exist in Sweden). The recipe was first published in 1940 and quickly became established as a classic of the Swedish Christmas d