A One Piece Shark Bite Swimsuit

Sharkini, A One Piece Shark Bite Swimsuit.I hate sharks but this is pretty cool.maybe it'll scare sharks away!

Don't Wait For Your Ship to Come In...Swim Out to It! <3

Dont Wait For Your Ship mermaid PRINT of original mixed media folk art primitive painting by Lori Ramotar.

A new painting from Robin Faye Gates...LOVE HER!

Colorful, whimsical, illustrative wall art print from original acrylic painting, "Swimming Is Hard"

visualsundae • Alex Dodge | fine art

Alex Dodge, Everything appears as it is, infinite 2011 6 color UV screenprint with braille, texture on 2 ply museum board, Edition of Robert Blackburn

David Hockney painting his pool

David Hockney painting the swimming pool at the Hotel Roosevelt in Image originally found here.

david hockney swimming pool paintings

David Hockney, Lithographic Water Made of Lines, Crayon, and Two Blue Washes

David Hockney (1937-)  Paper Pool  1980  www.denisbloch.com

David Hockney Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink for Book (Paper Pools) litho 1980

Paint sample stamped with swim in a painted thrift store frame.

summer decor paint chip :) Cole needs this in different colors for his room.

love the swimcaps and suits, midnight blue, reflection on the water. I wish I could paint like that!

A luminous painting of three figures wading in for a night swim. The light-filled areas of their suits and the reflection on the water give the impression that the moon is overhead.