Visiting the #gym often? here are 10 #Annoying #things #people do at the gym - Help prevent these!

Wash your face before you exercise to reduce acne and makeup entering your sweat glands. Keep your face as nice as your bod!

50,000 people #die every year from #snakes, check out 15 of the #deadliest #animals alive. #Interestingfacts #interestingthings #interesting

Hairy Bush Viper (Atheris Hispida) - a venomous species of snake found in central Africa

No #eating before #bed ! - Check out these 7 ways to #WakeUp #happy and refreshed! #interesting

Whether or not you yourself are a morning person it’s always good to start your day on the right foot. Good morning quotes can help you to do just that We’ve all been there, the alarm .

In ancient #Rome it was forbidden for #women to drink wine! Can you believe it? - 10 #interesting facts about #wine you should know!

According to Napa Technology’s 2013 survey of wine industry professionals, women wine drinkers represent 30 to of their wines-by-the-glass business, and most of them recognize women, across all age groups, as key customers for a robust wine business.

10 weird job interview questions #jobsearch #job #interesting #funny #weird

A former intelligence officer shares interrogation tips for getting people to spill on first dates and their salaries

Looking for something #interesting to buy online? Here are the top 10 most interesting selling #products! #shopping

Looking for something interesting to buy online? Here are the top 10 most interesting selling products.

"People will remember how you made them #feel and not what you said."  These are 20 #Genius #Hacks For Your #MIND That Will Get You Ahead In Life!  #interesting #interestingfacts #brain

7 Things Calm People Do Differently: You've been through it more times than you'd care to count: As you trying to manage your growing stress throughout the chaos of a busy work day, there's (always!) at least one person who is keeping their cool.

Short origin stories of great inventions! #invention #origin #interesting #fact

Short origin stories of some Great Inventions - See how and who invented some of the most important inventions in history

Don't #workout on an empty #stomach ! Check out these 9 #gym #mistakes you'd want to avoid for a successful workout.

Omni Sport is the perfect complement to your work out. Omni Sport revs you up for a longer stronger work out and helps to improve muscle tone. Try Omni Sport today!

same #words different #meanings from around the world. #interesting #tourism #dictionary #travel

Same words different meanings around the world - Was hungry and got slapped? the right dictionary to use in foreign countries!

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