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Minna Sainio

Minna Sainio
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As the holiday is coming up, have you started to think about decoration ideas for your home? In addition to putting up a real Christmas tree, we can fill Christmas spirit in our home or office with some creative Christmas tree crafts. From table decors, centerpieces, greeting cards, food decorating, to gift packing, …

Today we are featuring this unique DIY Christmas Tree Card which has some geometric properties to it. All you have to do is print out the template with the

DIY Ribbon Kanzashi Sakura Flower Ball

Kanzashi is originated from Japan, now is widely used for fashion and home decoration. Now let’s make a typical sakura flower ball for home or wedding. Materials you may need: Ribbon Scissors Lighter Tweezers Bead Glue Wire

Halloween Pattern Fair Isle Scarf

Wrap yourself in the warmth of love with the Heartwarming Scarf. This gorgeous knit scarf pattern features different colored sections each with the same heart pattern repeated to give you a knit scarf you'll be proud to finish.