Four Corners is only place in the country where four states meet, and because of this distinction, it is a popular US travel destination.

The Four Corners is a region of the United States consisting of southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona and southeast Utah. With Telluride's strategic location in the Four Corners area. Cool to stand in 4 states at once!

New Mexico’s Bisti Egg Garden - photo by Gr8sublime, via WebEcoist; The Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness is a wilderness area located near Farmington, New Mexico. The Bisti Egg Garden is an area of unusual rock formations containing a combination of different types of sedimentary rocks with varying hardness.

Hard Boiled Wonderland: New Mexico's Bisti Egg Garden

New Mexico’s Bisti Egg Garden - Farmington, New Mexico. The Bisti Egg Garden (Sedimentary Rocks)

only in NM!

in New Mexico! I know native New Mexicans who were shocked to go to a Mickey D's in other states and discover green chile isn't on the menu.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque with the Sandia Mountains in the background and Rio Grande in the foreground. "Sandia" means watermelon in Spanish, for the color the mountains turn at sunset. Familiar Magic and Crooked Magic take place in Albuquerque.