Irishman Acres

Irishman Acres
Following our dream, which opens Spring '18. #CloverBarn πŸ’š
Irishman Acres
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Diffuser Blends for a nostalgic trip to Grandma's Kitchen. Comforting Kitchen smells. For any season: fall, winter, spring or summer.

5 Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for a nostalgic trip to Grandmas Kitchen. For any season: fall, winter, spring or summer.

Winter Diffuser Blends A mix of oils will be more interesting and aromatically effective. Combine a leafy/herbal oil, a resinous/woody oil and a fresh citrus oil to achieve a balanced aroma. Use the blend in a plug-in or portable diffuser, or combine with water in a spray mister bottle to powerfully purify and freshen the airspace around you. Experiment to find your favorite blend, or follow one of these easy recipes: Purifying Eucalyptus Diffusion Ingredients: 5 drops eucalyptus 5 drops…

By Tom HavranWe spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months. All those weeks spent huddling from the cold in our sealed homes and offices aren’t that different from being trapped in the re…

Blend Recipe: 5 drops Balsam Fir, 2 drops Cinnamon Bark, 2 drops Orange

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