A Special Sparkle: Visual Solutions For Staying in Your Space. This would be excellent for a child with ADD/ADHD, autism, etc.... in a classroom setting.

A Special Sparkle: Visual Solutions For Staying in Your Space


This interactive, adapted book helps teach students about appropriate clothes to wear in different weather conditions.

What Should You Wear?: Interactive Book for Kids with Autism


I love having April as that extra reminder & prompt to help teach my school about autism. Through classroom lessons & discussion prompts, we really can share autism awareness throughout our schools & beyond! From theautismhelper.com

April is Autism Awareness Month: How You Can Raise Awareness in Your School - The Autism Helper


When the child is awake, drape it across his lap or around his shoulders. The deep pressure touch stimulation brought about by the blanket will produce serotonin in the child, which is a hormone that will help to calm him down and produce a happier frame of mind. At bedtime, cover your little one with the weighted blanket to once again help the production of serotonin, which will lead to the production of melatonin--the hormone that helps us achieve a peaceful, restful night's sleep.

Weighted Blankets 101: When & How to Use Weighted Blankets


How to Tie a Shoe the OT Way - Step by Step Tutorial | The Jenny Evolution

How To Tie a Shoe Step By Step Tutorial the OT Way


What is oral sensory processing really? Plus red flags, resources and activities.

Everything about Oral Sensory Processing - Your Kid's Table


Over 40 “Must-Have” Popular Tools for Autism - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins

Over 40 “Must-Have” Popular Tools for Autism


A list of the best books about autism, including social skills books and picture books for children with autism from And Next Comes L

Best Books About Autism


10 Ways to support students struggling with Hyperactivity and Attention! I love this my students with ADHD and sensory needs!

10 Ways to Support Students with Hyperactivity & Attention Needs


Use permanent marker to write questions on a ball (soccer, beach, volleyball etc) for use in counseling.

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Children with autism are very observant so they will notice everything, including your attitude toward them.

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When you can't get to the beach this summer, bring the fun home with this simple idea! Fine Motor Beach Sensory Play

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Sidewalk Simon Game- A Rainbow Learning Activity. Remember this when you were younger? You can make your own with chalk version to practice colors and strengthen your memory skills.

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Chewigem Oral Sensory Jewelry ~ Giveaway open through 10/27/14

Chewigem Sensory Jewelry Giveaway - 1+1+1=1


Ultimate List of 100+ Sensory Bin Fillers | The Jenny Evolution

Ultimate List of Sensory Bin Fillers From A to Z


Kids will have a blast jumping puddles while doing this alphabet activity! Great for a weather unit!

Puddle Jumping Alphabet Activity - Mom Inspired Life


Sensory Over-Responsivity, Autism and Sleep more info at http://yourtherapysource.com/autismsleeps.html

Sensory Over-Responsivity, Autism and Sleep


How to build a sensory garden at your school- another resource to add and vote for Best Sensory Resources #SensoryDesign #SensoryRoom #SensoryGarden

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Science is all about using your senses to conclude those questions we all have! Stimulate your childs sense of smell with this cool smelling activity! Try it blind folded and really get your brain working!

Smelling Sensory Bottles » Things to Share and Remember


Make simple marbled oobleck for science learning! Marbled oobleck is also a great sensory play activity made from simple kitchen ingredients.

Marbled Oobleck Science Art Sensory Play


Touch, Listen & Look! Engaging Blind Babies in Multisensory Play

Touch, Listen & Look! Engaging Babies in Multi-Sensory Play


Kids will love feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing and eating this multi-sensory play activity!

Edible Sensory Play Balls - The Mud Kitchen


GREAT FOR TEACHER INFORMATION!!! Sensory processing disorder. Visit pinterest.com/arktherapeutic for more #sensory tips

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