Surrealist photographer recreates his dreams in real life

The Surrealistic Pillow Project Photography By Ronen Goldman. Process: All elements of the surreal photos are shot in the same shoot, on the same day with the same lighting, without the camera moving.


Ahavah statue (Hebrew for Love), Israel Museum Garden, Jerusalem

Israeli Photographer has blog world barking for joy

Dan Balilti photographer - the best dog's friend

3D Street Painting Festival

By Moshe Cohen "The Festival of Street Painting is actually allowing the audience to see the artists in action," says sidewalk artist Anat Ronen in this v.

'Threads' at Jerusalem's Tower of David Museum

'Threads' at Jerusalem's Tower of David Museum

Israel-Tel Aviv

Viajando pelo mundo - Julho de 2012

Solar-powered and designed after a vintage table fan, “Ventilator” is a public sculpture constructed by Iraeli designer, Tal Tenne Czaczkes. The 19 foot tall piece was placed in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, where the blades spin and the fan oscillates.


10 of Israel's best museums

With the highest number of museums per capita in the world, museum fatigue looms for travelers in Israel.


Parkinsons patients holding dopamine-stimulating remedy found a remarkable enterprise to paint.


Artist Dina Merhav produces skyscraping sculptures of birds and angels, which can be seen in outdoor spaces all over the world.

'The Mc Donalds loo'

New in Israel, a boutique toilet chain store. You walk by this store on this busy Tel Aviv Street right by the Carmel market and from the outside is seems ju.