Stewie (Family Guy)

Running into my ex-girlfriend…

Andthatswhoiam humor-so true haha

Oh my god who the hell cares? Lol I love this so much. Some people are obsessed with themselves.

That's how i feel when fall and winter come.... no more flip flops :-(

Hahahah its a bad habit of mine going barefoot! My mom hates it ahha! But i just feel free from foot prison!

Family Guy knows just how to make me laugh

Soldiers with Guns Kill People. Law Enforcement with Guns Kill People. Criminals with Guns Kill People. Stupid People with Guns Kill People. Crazy People with Guns Kill People.

Family Guy

I'm a social drinker, not an alcoholic. Yeah, that's like saying rappers are really poets. --- Oh Stewie cracks me up

Family guy humor

Funny pictures about Troll Stewie. Oh, and cool pics about Troll Stewie. Also, Troll Stewie.