Nope, everyone loves differently. Some stronger than others. Some loves love the best they know how. Instead of doubting, keep loving them strong. It may rub off on them/teach them something they didn't know they were capable of doing. ;)

Having people around who simply just "keep it light" & don't challenge you or like to keep you in the same place they are in (misery luvs company)... well.... the rest is easy to figure out!!!! Thanking God for my true, dear friends!!

OUR FINGERPRINTS DON'T FADE FROM THE LIVES WE'VE TOUCHED. I do not claim ownership for photos unless stated. Please inform me if you would like credit or for the photo to be removed.

This reminds me so of my oldest daughter. She's only she's beautiful on the outside but is so unaware of it; she's even more beautiful and tender on the inside (which makes me such a proud Momma) but doesn't see that either. Some day she'll see...

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