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*~*Amazing photo's*~*

*~*Amazing photo's*~*

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It's a beautiful world!

aww so cute ;)

Обои для рабочего стола от National Geographic за январь 2013

El Chorro, Spain


Sperm Whale by Diederik Huisman

French Alps

Lightning from above

Making it clear who has right of way. "Bison in Yellowstone National Park by Victoria Davies"

This is why nature is amazing - creating a temporary climbing feature. Fang in Vail Colarado


An amazing picture, taken near Cabo Pulmo. ngm.nationalgeogr...

Australia's new Crocosaurus Cove park in Darwin allows thrill-seekers to swim face-to-face with massive saltwater crocodiles

Whale Watching...Wow!!!


Wow! ( And I noticed later he is missing an arm)


surf’s up.

Owl Camouflage

Owl Camouflage

Dec 26th 2004 Tsunami

Simply stunning: Frozen Tsunami wave in Antarctica

Corinth Canal, Greece

Incredible colors on this octopus

Honshu, Japanese Alps, 56 feet of snow - like a car driving in cake.