Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings in the - LOL, what I remember is that if you walked very much while wearing these, it made the bottom of my feet hurt.the bottoms were also fishnet, and it wasn't comfortable at all!

clackers!!! The REAL clackers. A bruise waiting to happen!

"Clacker" or "Kabonkers"or Click Clacks! Lightly bounce the string to get them clacking together, then lay on the power hard swing up over your hand and clack there as well. How many times in a row was the goal. No way they'd create this for kids today.

gypsy costume from 60's...oh how I remember those masks!

OMG I HAD THIS EXACT COSTUME Halloween costumes came in a box, with plastic face masks held on my elastic. The stores had stacks and stacks of boxes to go thru to pick a costume.

Had a pair - loved my Dr. Scholls...

Scholl's Wood Exercise Sandal when i was in highschool we used to wear these with toe socks

Knickers and a blouse! 1982 Wishbook....mine were brown corduroy.

Knickers and a blouse, 1982 Sears Christmas Catalog. I had the blouse & similar knickers.