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There has come a time when the church must reject the idea of tolerance and stand up for biblical morality. The church cannot be the salt and light she is called to be as long as she bows to tolerance and political correctness.

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Our first President was a man who knew how to pray. Despite what many say about George Washington, he was godly and sought the Lord.

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Here's a tip for staying awake while you pray that I'll bet you've never thought of. It is simple but so effective! Stop falling asleep during your quiet time with this one easy trick!

One of the best ways we can show the love of Christ is by being patient with the public. Jesus cares about people and so should we.

This is why the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 is fundamentally flawed and historically accurate and why Christians should pray that it is nullified.

This is one girl's story about how God interrupts for something greater. From anxiety & sickness to growth & grace in the Lord - I have felt His presence. Have you ever felt like God interrupted your life for something greater? Hop on over and see if you can resonate!

There is one thing that will completely destroy this generation and turn it away from Christ if the church refuses to rise up and expose the deception!

Wow! This is an important question that everyone who calls themselves a Christian needs to answer. Are you born again, or are you just religious?

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