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dayummm <3

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God bless America taylor laughtner maybe the hottest mann alivve but channing tatum is definetly the sssssseeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ESSSTT MAaannn aaalllllllliiiivvvvveeeee !

Whatever It Is, I’m Ready

justapeekofme: “ loveyourselfcompletely: “ I don’t know what he’s fixing, but mine just broke. ” Yup, mine is broken too… ” omg mine just went “poof” as well ‒ or whatever it is the noise those things.

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a sexy man fishing ~ "I'm pretty sure the fish just jumped out of the water to be with him. I think I will just go for the fish!

Um...he loves NY  duh

So this guy is super hot, but why does he have a don't laugh tattoo over his crotch? Does he have tiny junk?


Exactly, but then again he may need you to finance him cause he couldn't maintain his own pot to piss in. The only thing he can bring to the table is his charm. If that's enough for you well then by all means hang on to that. You know who you are!

tattos for men (22)

IDK who this is.but I love boys with tattoos!looks like he might even be a bit country

i think my house suddenly started on fire... ;)

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I Love Shoes, Booze and Men with Tattoos

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Morning coffee (39 photos)

a sexy firemen, looks like it’s time to burn the house down again. where are my matches ;


Rapper 50 Cent has "South Side" and a giant number 50 tattooed on his back.