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An-I-mules :-P

An-I-mules :-P

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Kitteh, leave my berr-eh alone!



Poor puppy! Lol

Awwwwww.... this is adorable. Maybe the kitty was too warm with all that fur and was thinking "ahhhh, cooooollldddd"

Dwarf Leopard, Kitten. Awwww, I want one!

"Diaper? What diaper? I have on a helmet! I am Sir Garfield!!! Take me to your lasagna before I impale you!"

Here Kitty kitty??

Uh ohhhh, a kitteh in trouble

I just want to reach in and pet its belly


I figure I've traumatized a lot of animals in my day :-p


  • Tiffany Halfacre
    Tiffany Halfacre

    Cam must be driving...

  • Janet@FromCupcakesToCaviar <3
    Janet@FromCupcakesToCaviar <3

    Lol... poor doggie if so

Back away from the kitteh

  • Faith K.
    Faith K.


  • Kayla Powell
    Kayla Powell

    that is wrong

  • Juliana Auser
    Juliana Auser

    It's funny

  • Beverly Perez
    Beverly Perez

    I agree with you Kayla Powell. That us just wrong!

poor kitteh

Well, it IS close to sun bathing season :-P

Dahlink, you look fabuloussss


  • Vera

    just for

Totally cracked up over this one

And yet one more dog that will need future doggie therapy sessions hehe

Heh. Love this. At the same time that I cringe thinking how many times I've become a cramped mess by a twenty pound or so child taking up enough room for 6 adults

If only I could get my cats to do this

I'm really really crispy

  • Jerry Sterling
    Jerry Sterling

    Rofl! I'm gonna use this one!

  • Julia McClelland
    Julia McClelland

    love this

Love this one!

Nobody can tell me that animals don't have emotions! That little guy is ecstatic lol