Kurt Cobain's daughter: Frances Bean Cobain #Refinery29

Frances Bean Cobain Music Playlist

Courtney Love claims that Kristen Stewart’s Twilight role nearly went to her and Kurt Cobain’s daughter. The Hole rocker, said Frances Bean Cobain,


In his first year of school, Cobain was known as the inquisitive student with the Snoopy lunchbox, one of the only children bold enough to pose for a photo with a bear cub that was brought in for show-and-tell.

Oh Lucy! A woman with striking beauty AND a slammin' sense of humor...C'mon! Doesn't get any better!

Lucy rocking an amazing striped hat that I'd describe as a turn meets a tilt fascinator.

Gwen Stefani. #TakeUsBack

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Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain's Bathroom Selfie Is Grunge Perfection

Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain's Bathroom Selfie Is Grunge Perfection

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s bathroom selfie, taken in their hotel bathroom during Nirvana’s 1992 Japanese tour.

“No amount of effort can save you from oblivion.” Kurt Cobain's Letters & Journals | Brain Pickings

Inside Kurt Cobain’s Letters and Journals

What Everyone Could Be Missing About the Kurt Cobain ‘Bitch With Zits’ Letter — Alt Ledes — Medium

THIS is how to dress for summer in NYC

The Carrie Bradshaw Guide To Beating Summer Heat In Style

This is so gonna be my makeup today.

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Loving Kimbra's tunes, bought her CD when it first came out and have been playing it ever since - look what Kiwis are capable of!

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Kurt Cobain's broken guitar, with the lyrics to "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" (one of my favorites), written on the body (via Rolling Stone)

Kurt wrote on anything and everything that came across his path, including the back of his smashed guitar.

Francis Bean Cobain, her eyebrows are to die for

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