Saatchi Online Artist Kellas Campbell; Drawing, "Charcoal Pencil Cat" #art

Things I want to hug or cuddle with: Saatchi Online Artist: Kellas Campbell; Charcoal 2013 Drawing "Charcoal Pencil Cat" -or for a tattoo

Aaahhh!!! I just died. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Meow copycating this!! Now just need to figure out where I have space! -_-

Solid Kiss Canvas Art by Oliver Gal this reminds me of a painting I did in high school of just an eye, love the lips though

Daniela Dahf Henríquez.

Cute Bambi Fawn Drawing Flower crown · Inspiration for Illustration + Art + Graphic Design Projects


korean artist Hanna Kim introduction – oil on canvas oil on canvas oil on canvas oil on canvasoil on canvas