JEANNE | for Pinterest!

Hey Pinterest! | Where else to show my background and passion for Pinterest than right here? | If you click through the pins, you'll get to my digital resume for more details | Thanks for stopping by, this ain't your mama's resume!

JEANNE | for Pinterest!

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Jeanne for Pinterest | Thanks for #Repin!

Jeanne for Pinterest
  • Ricette Bimby E...
    Ricette Bimby E...

    really original and fun, a fun way to read something a little boring questions, congratulations ... thanks for the inspiration

  • Whitney J Decor
    Whitney J Decor

    Awesome Resume! So creative!

  • Israel Carracedo Sardà
    Israel Carracedo Sardà

    Wouw!!! hahaha I done a CV with Pinterest many years ago. Yours are great!!! :)

  • Joanne Netting | Style Files
    Joanne Netting | Style Files

    Brilliant idea Jeanne...I plan to use this as an example of personal branding via social media in my Business English class that I teach at Bond University in Australia (on the Gold Coast, Queensland)...We attract students from all over the world and I am currently weaving Pinterest into many of our modules, including sales/marketing, branding, building business relationships, e-commerce...I adore Pinterest and would love to work there too...Congratulations on your innovation!

  • jp g
    jp g


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What about me is the right fit for Pinterest?

Jeanne for Pinterest
  • Beach Bux
    Beach Bux

    So did you get the job?

  • Actually...

    I'd like to know too!

  • Alison Garwood-Jones
    Alison Garwood-Jones

    You're a trailblazer, Jeanne! Good use of social media!

  • Jeanne Hwang Lam
    Jeanne Hwang Lam

    No, I didn't but Pinterest did get in touch! I wrote a post-mortem about it: http://jeanneforpinterest.t...

So passionate about Pinterest, it's Pinterest or bust!

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Six+ years work experience at Right Media, Yahoo, Accenture & Kaixin

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  • Working Concepts
    Working Concepts

    What a great idea for posting your job experience. Good Luck!!

Product, biz dev, monetization, I've rolled up my sleeves & done it all

Jeanne for Pinterest

AND I'm fun to work with!

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My thoughts and work on Pinterest

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  • Launch Grow Joy
    Launch Grow Joy

    Good luck getting hired!!! i'll pass it along :)

  • Newalia Comunicación
    Newalia Comunicación

    Jeanne, congratulations, this is a winner idea..

Where I've written a lot about Pinterest, innovation, technology.

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Innovative, passionate, gets stuff done

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Skydiving? Risk-taker!

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A tiny bit of Klout

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Monetization and product expert

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Who loves the office!!!

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  • Jennifer Geraghty Burner
    Jennifer Geraghty Burner

    He's gorgeous! What breed is he?

  • Jeanne Hwang Lam
    Jeanne Hwang Lam

    Thanks Jennifer! A cockapoo (cocker spaniel poodle mix). Very sweet.

I attempt to take mean photographs

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  • Dahlene Centanni
    Dahlene Centanni

    Rice paddy?

Increased WSA Twitter followers by 5x!

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Managing the Pinterest presence of Weathermob mobile app

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Harvard Business School for MBA

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Cornell University for undergrad

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"Right from the world GO, she understood..."

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Director of Platform Strategy @Yahoo

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  • Julian Alfonso
    Julian Alfonso

    Hmmm ... Really? At least you're very brave to take the consequences of your management. Good luck.

  • Stephy

    stop hating Julian

Director of Consulting Services @RightMedia

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  • Pintics

    Great Resume!

Management Consultant @Accenture

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Took a lot of work but proud to have finished the NYC Triathlon!

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  • Liana

    Raises money for worthy charitable organizations! +1

  • Rachael Genson
    Rachael Genson

    Go Team! I'd hire you with a resume like this!

  • Jeanne Hwang Lam
    Jeanne Hwang Lam

    TNT is the best organization. Go team, thanks for the support!

  • Kishore Gudipudi
    Kishore Gudipudi

    woe, what a creative mind!

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris

    Go Team!

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