Jewish Education Center of Clevelalnd

Jewish Education Center of Clevelalnd

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RESOURCE - The iCenter is looking for ways to bring Israel to our learners through authentic stories, and providing useful frames for discussion.

On sale for $9.25 for a limited amount of time! (Originally priced at $22.50)Finally, a resource to help young people--or anyone--sort out their responses to controversy over Israel.Israel Matters offers an in-depth look at Israel's history and its security situation. It explores the historical and political forces that created the Jewish state, influence the unrest in the Palestinian territories, shape the peace process, and affect Israel's security today.

Immerse students in all aspects of Israel today, meet the diverse people who live there, debate Israel's responses to its challenges, and begin to develop a personal relationship with the Jewish homeland.

Yom Hazikaron, Israels official Memorial Day, is right around the corner. The holiday, followed by Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day), which commemorates Israels declaration of Independence in 1948, begins on April 14th.