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Arrangements for hanging photos or art on the wall. Some day I'll put things back up on my walls, which have been blank for two years.
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Feature wall - Family photos really help to breath life into a space. Don't look for the picture perfect photos, because often the best photos are the candid ones.

Cute photo/initial combination

We love this example of a canvas wall arrangement! Gallery Wall Ideas - Videos & Tutorials; Photos on Canvas, Wood & More #canvas #canvasphotos #canvasprints #canvaswallart

I love the picture frames and mirrors going up along the stairs. It makes everything around look more homey along the way.

Ideas + Inspiration for creating a Gallery Wall in any room of the home.

When making a collage going up a staircase keep in mind to mimic the staircase lines in your collage. Also make sure to measure on every second or third step the distance from the collage to the stair to make sure it has the same distance consistently


How to hang a photo gallery along a staircase - something to remember if I ever get around to hanging pictures on the staircase wall...

37 different layouts to group and display photos.

Two shelves off centered on the wall, this is great to display pictures without making it permanent. Exchange out pictures as you get new ones

Overlapping frames

12 Unique Ways To Create a Photo Wall Display

varied shapes

how to hang photos

gallery print set ideas

Love this!!

Wall of Instragram photos.

Photo gallery walls.

hand written recipe cards framed for the kitchen.

Corner frames! :)

Great idea!

Love the grid and the super closeup shots.

art gallery staircase


old windows