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Purple Morning Glory Spirals By _Maji_ Morning Glories are always planted in my garden every year. The fact that each bloom is brand new every morning reminds me of God's Mercy which is also new every morning.

Japanese garden in Portland

historyofrobots: odditiesoflife: The Most Beautiful Trees in the World Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon. Photo by unknown. Red m.

Tree island.

an enchanted tree island which is the portal to a mystical, magical land.(photo by tomas sanchez)

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Ocean Moonrise, Vilano Beach, Florida photo via deangelo Beautiful Walk on the beach by Moonlight 🐱

Madeira Island, Portugal

a wedding right here would be amazing. Mystical Forest, Madeira Island, Portugal photo via best

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Best time of the day-dark enough to see the moon but not too dark to completely loose the glory orange of the sun.

Aurora Humana ( Windblown rocket contrails at dusk, Ventura, California ) | Russ Bishop

~Aurora Humana~ Windblown rocket contrails at dusk, Ventura, California USA~ Copyright : Russ Bishop~via Milky Way Scientists

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Beach Wallpapers and Images .Beautiful Nature Beach Wallpapers for your desktop and HD ImG

Samen Photography: Summer Nature!

Samen Photography: Summer Nature!