Everything.about grammaphones I love! Someday, I will own one with an external horn like this or an old Edison!

Cleo and Clementine ~ Enchanting, Elegant Tulle Bridal Wear and Vintage Inspired Headpieces…

Claret Jug

German Silver Claret Jug, Heilbronn 1880 - Bruckmann Magic genie lamp - your wish is my command

Old Kerosene Lanterns | Old kerosene lantern by vintageitscool on Etsy

Old kerosene lantern

Old kerosene lantern made ​​in the years of the last century. Height 31 cm Wonderful items for your home decor.

Antique lighting with flair.

Any antique lantern chandelier lying unused around the palazzo? We can restore it and hang it over my bathroom's entrance.

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Amazing chess set

This Silvered and Gilded Bronze Vasari Figural Chess Set rests on a board of silver framed polished Italian onyx. Photographed at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Washington.

Music enters our bodies, commandeering the pulse in our veins, and reminds us that pleasure isn't a matter of feeling good but of feeling more alive. — Rhonda Nichols

Gramophone - legacy record player from the bygone vinyl LP era, it makes a nice decor showpiece

La dactylo du notaire..

Typewriters, I have an antique typewriter and it is honestly one of my favorite things in the world. I have this dream of sitting at an old desk with my hair all crazy in a messy bun, in a baggy oversized shirt and a glass of wine typing away my poetry!

Another beautiful grammophone horn and love the rounded base.

Victrola for beautiful music in the house, might want to update to an iPod with an analog cone.

Can get these pretty cheap at Walmart. Paint different colors for different age groups. Give kids matching bracelets.

One of the vintage railroad lanterns lighting the stage for the Lincoln Bicentennial Concert on August Photo by Mike Morbeck.