Hmmmm.....I shall have to try to see if it is true....(aw)

Rinse Bacon in Water Before Cooking to Reduce Shrinkage by 50 Percent

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This is going in my kitchen

This is what I'm going to tell my kids when I have them. I will not be dealing with picky eaters or making five separate meals for dinner. (Another thing my mom did, which made us more open to trying new foods).

"naan recipe...can't EVER have too many of these!"


Homemade Naan (Famous Indian Flatbread) with a link to step by step Easy Recipe/photos. I make bread on Mondays and typically I do pitas but I'll have to give this a try too!

White Queso Dip ~

White Queso Dip ~ previous pinner says, "This cheese dip is so much better than it looks in the picture. So much better that it is the ONE dish that my family requires I bring to every gathering.

One Pot Wonder Cajun Chicken Alfredo

One Pot Wonder Cajun Chicken Alfredo

One pot wonder Cajun chicken alfredo is a lightened-up copy-cat version of a similar dish from Red Lobster. It's pasta and chicken in a spicy alfredo sauce.not a huge fan of spicy stuff but I love Alfredo!

Dr. Seuss Lorax Truffula Tree Treats with trix.

The Lorax's Truffula Tree Treats

Seuss Lorax Truffula Tree Treats with TRIX! The Lorax is an excellent story for HE, and this could be a special treat to go with a lesson!

butterfinger fudge 3 words

Butterfinger Fudge is an easy fudge recipe and a great Halloween dessert. It takes your favorite candy bar recipe and transforms it into something even better! Made with candy corn!

Step-by-step instructions for AUTHENTIC Greek BAKLAVA - Love with recipe. If you've ever purchased Baklava, you've never really had Greek Baklava. This recipe is Baklava at it's best! Moist with just the right amount of sweetness. A flaky delicacy that's melt in your mouth delicious!!! #greek #baklava #pastry #desserts #delicious

Baklava is one of my favorite desserts! Step-by-step instructions for authentic Greek baklava. I do change the syrup by using sugar, juice, to depending on your taste and water. Boil I also add 1 clove to each diamond shape baklava before baking

Grandma's Best Kept Kitchen Secret. Ten Uses for Bacon Grease. Don't dismiss it till you've tried it.

Bacon Grease Uses, Ten uses for Bacon Grease

Grandmas Best Kept Kitchen Secret: 10 Shown ways to use this in your recipes. Next time, save some when you make your bacon. You will not regret it! It keeps well and you will reach for it guide