Julie Huffaker

Julie Huffaker

Julie Huffaker
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Shop Antique Pink Solid Color Ties at discount prices. These Men's Antique Pink Solid Color Neckties are made of all polyester and feature a satin finish.


This men's skinny tie by Van Heusen sets you apart from the crowd.

Shop serene blue premium ties at discount prices. These men's serene neckties are made of heavyweight woven material for your most formal occasions.

Shop dark navy blue ties at discount prices. This very deep navy color is available in a variety of necktie styles for men and boys.

These fashionable seafoam suspenders have skinny half-inch wide straps. Great for casual to formal trendy attire. Sized for men, women and teens.

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Ferns Stamps: Five new Ferns stamps from the U. Postal Service celebrate the beauty - and popularity - of ferns. A favorite with gardeners and florists, ferns range from tiny moss-like plants to giants as tall as trees.