Blown Glass Sculpture by Richard Royal

The intricacy of the work in this piece is amazing! RICHARD ROYAL Blown Glass Sculpture by Richard Royal at Schantz Galleries

Art in the age of ones and zeros: Datamoshing. Art has always been fundamentally intertwined with technology. New techniques and materials have constantly allowed artists to innovate and create new types of works. Our new series, Art in the age of ones and zeros, examines the impact of digital technologies on art and looks at how artists are creating entirely new forms of artwork using these modern electronic tools.

Art in the age of ones and zeros: Datamoshing

#Sydney: 5 tons of vintage wooden escalator warped into spectacular subway #sculpture

Australian artist Chris Fox created this monumental sculpture using wooden escalators that now hang from the Wynyard Station ceiling in Sydney, Australia, hovering directly above their modern metal counterparts. More art installations via DesignYouTrust

#VR exhibit transports art lovers to early 20th century #Paris.

Tate Modern's first VR experience places visitors inside the final studio of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani.

#Photography: People Matching Museum Paintings

Photos of People Matching Paintings in Museums

“People Matching Artworks” is a fun series of perfectly-timed shots by Austrian photographer Stefan Draschan. More photography inspiration via Colossal

#Environment: Giant octopus and historic ship combine to create new coral ecosystem

​What happens when you purposely sink an historic WWII ship with a large scale sculpture of a giant octopus? A new fascinating marine experiment blending art and coral reef planting dubbed The Maverick BVI Art Reef.