Summer Adventure- I want to take a kayak trip every year and never get around to doing it. This summer.

This reminds me of those cliche old pictures, just modern day. I would do this in my wedding day to show off the silhouette of my hair.

*puddle stomping*

splashing barefoot in rain of my favorite things to do in the summer rain


things i want my future husband to do: write me love letters. i would like to be able to read something more tangible than an email.

Morning Elegance

in the morning light. Why are cigarette pics so beautiful. Not condoning smoking though!


Wedding/Engagement Favorites 2012!

"Let us spend our lives chasing tiny moments of grace that hide in borrowed breaths, stolen glances, and the last instant before smiling lips come to rest.

Lips + mirror.

I know this is a stretch for a boudoir, but what car guy wouldn't love a picture of his girl and his car like this.