DIY: Natural Beauty/Body Care

These are things we mostly already use in our home or use a version of in our home, wanting to share with others these natural ideas I have 6 children & currently 2 are teen girls, they only use homemade natural safe beauty products & love them
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----> Magnesium is a miracle mineral! It is beneficial in treating so many things, including migraines, ADHD, fatigue, muscle soreness, PMS, and MORE. Learn how to make homemade Magnesium Lotion and about it's many benefits. ||

How to Make Homemade Magnesium Lotion - Devotional Family

DIY - The Best Lotion lotion ever with 3 ingredients!

The Best Lotion EVER!! - The Crafty Blog Stalker

How to Make Pain Relief Lotion Bars

DIY Pain Relief Lotion Bars (doterralife)

My feet are just plain tired from being tired. I was on a mission to find you a few DIY foot scrubs and soaks. Here are 12 to soothe your feet.

12 Soothing DIY Foot Scrubs and Soaks - Babble

Easy 2 ingredient homemade Mary Kay Satin Hands. This stuff is amazing for dry skin, after crafting or gardening and leaves your hands feeling amazing! Perfect Gift Idea!

Easy Homemade Hand Scrub {DIY Satin Hands}

DIY recipes using Argan oil Using Quench Argan oil in DIY Recipes - Body butter, Lip Balm, Hair mist, Scrub - 10% discount code #NFr6K #QuenchArganOil #ArganOil #SkinCare #DIYRecipes #LipBalm #HairCare #BodyButter #SugarScrub #SaltScrub #BodyCare

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do you love shea butter & want to know some DIY recipes? DIY Shea Butter Skin Healing and Moisturizing Body Butter Recipe + More ---- Body butter, other oils, muscle rub, shave, body scrub & more

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DIY Natural Shaving Ideas - They really work - Shave Cream - Aftershave - Recipes - Coconut oil, essential oils, Jojoba, rosehip, emu, argan oils, baking soda, raw honey, apple cider vinegar more

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Argan Alchemy is a 100% pure and organic Argan oil Imported from Morocco, the native land of the Argan tree. Our Argan oil is produced in women-run cooperatives, and is hand pressed in the traditional way. There are no added chemicals or fragrances, just pure and…

Argan Alchemy - Organic Argan Oil - DIY Argan Body Butter

Homemade DIY Bug/Insect Repellent and DIY Stop Itch – Keep Insects Away Naturally - Essential oils - Repel & find relief

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Do It Yourself Body Scrub Recipes. So I remember: 1 c brown sugar, 1/2 c rosehip seed oil, 30 drops patchouli, 10 drops blue tansy.

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#NFR6K Health Impact News shared content from my blog on making body butter (DIY recipes) with coconut oil & essential oils, check it out Natural & Frugal: Raising6kids

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Check out my newest blog post on Bebelush Beauty's Argan oil. BebeLush 100% Pure Organic Natural Virgin Argan oil - Uses, Info and DIY ideas - Body butter - Hair misting spray conditioner - Sugar scrub

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Directions Whipping your Coconut oil into “Body Butter” – Other healthy skin oils too & recipes. Argan oil, jojoba oil, emu oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, raw coconut oil, wheat germ oil, rosehip seed oil, essential oils, & more for great healthy skin care made yourself (homemade) Healing, benefits, for skin issues & babies too, even sensitive skin, dry skin & oily skin benefit

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DIY Perfume

An Organic Wife: DIY Perfume

Magnesium Lotion (most people have a magnesium deficiency and it is best absorbed through the skin)

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Easy magnesium oil recipe, plus how to apply it for optimal results and minimal discomfort. | Empowered Sustenance

Magnesium Oil Recipe + Magnesium Oil Uses

Check out my newest DIY blog post, DIY Hand sanitizers & they can all double as other things like deodorant, cleaners, room deodorizers, & more. DIY Hand Sanitizer, for home, and on the go, great for kids ... Things like essential oils, colloidal silver, vinegar, aloe gel, coconut oil & more

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Awesome DIY Ginger Beauty Recipes

Awesome DIY Ginger Beauty Recipes - Decorating Ideas

Pinner said: How to Use Turmeric for Hair Removal. I've seen the coffee/baking soda pins& investigated. Couldn't find the data to back it up (many were links to a secret hook-up site). I did find this and I'd like to try it.

How to Use Turmeric for Hair Removal | LIVESTRONG.COM

Sumatra Coconut Body Scrub - lovely DIY scrub from Naturopathica that uses freshly shredded coconut meat at the scrubbing agent along with some delicious oils

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Vanilla & Clove Body Oil Spray

Vanilla Clove Body Oil Spray {aka Man Magnet Spray}

Redmond Clay bentonite (montmorillonite) powder – All Natural ... review & Recipes using Redmond clay like: Toothpaste, Toothpowder tooth powder, deodorant, mask, face, skin, bath, hair, detox, poultice

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Someone said: Okay, this is the best scrub I've made...I'm not gonna lie. I love it so much, I keep one jar in my bathroom for my face and another on the kitchen counter for my hands. Here's what you do... add 1/2 cup of oats to a food processor. Grind until it's powdery. Add 3/4 cups of brown sugar (dark or light is fine). Mix again. Then add 1/2 cup of jojoba oil, 1/2 cup of sweet almond oil, 1/2 t of vanilla, 1/2 t Vitamin E oil. Mix again. That's it. This scrub smells del...

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Using Activated Charcoal in your beauty routine

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