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This wild rumpus. The 26 Most Hilarious And Shocking Moments In Literary History


james potter and sirius black. I usually don't pin the overly sentimental Marauder pins cuz I think they're dumb, but this is actually pretty sweet. <<<<< but if it were me and my best friend (I'm not a sentimental person) I would do the same thing.

Doctor Win

"LOL I love spiderman, DBZK, and Doctor Who. I don't like Batman or Superman, and I don't care about Captain America or The Green Lantern or Luke. :l" <<--- you need to have a talk about how we do things here in this Marvel fandom


In the UK we put blue plaques to show the homes of famous people, this is my favourite one. // maybe you will see this during your Cottey trip!

because we all know that you can't keep fandoms away from each other...

This is great Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Potterheads basilisk Doctor Who Whovian moisturise me