Use a tension rod to hold ribbon or wrapping paper inside a shelf/cubby space

get a tension curtain rod use it to hang ribbons. This method could also be used for gift wrapping, using tension rods for rolled wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers and tape.

Craft studio inspiration

I'm not picking this photo for my dream home for the color or style, but for the idea of a room devoted to art and craft projects. A room for me. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Vintage Craft Studio

Mamie Jane's: Welcome To My Studio; so clever - lace wrapped on rulers/paint sticks and hanging from towel bar.

Attic craft studio!

Martha's a good go-to for room ideas, especially craft rooms. If we had an attic, I would LOVE to put all my craft/sewing stuff up there, like this. No kids allowed! dream-home

craft studio dreaming.

Baby food jar screwed into shelf for craft storage. Might be cute for spices in the kitchen. Except that baby food jars don't seal air-tight. Bought jars from Hobby Lobby maybe?

craft studio

I love this craftroom! I've seen prettier but this one ticks all the other boxes. space, light, workspace, storage space and it makes me want to sit down and create!

This room is too cute.

First things first: Anchor the room with a good-size, centrally located work station. Read more: Craft Room Ideas and Designs - Craft Room Organization Ideas - Country Living