This is what really happens to the animals you consume, not the sugar coated, happy cow, humane slaughter bullshit.

Stop animal cruelty.

animal rights | Tumblr... Sad but true.

Support Animal Rights. Go Vegan.

What we do to cows and their babies is sickening.

# milklife dairy industry involves more suffering than the flesh industry. Stop exploiting the reproductive systems of females.

Make the connection. There is an animal holocaust and if you eat eggs, you are causing it.

FACT: In the egg industry male chicks are an unwanted by product. (as they can't lay eggs) So they are ground up alive or tossed into trash bags to suffocate.

The Life of A Cow #infographic #cows #dairy #goveg

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13 Useful Vegan Infographics To Share

This calf was born on a truck transporting cows to the slaughterhouse.He fell off the truck and was rescued by the traffic police.Meanwhile,his mother was killed.Hundreds of thousands of pregnant cows are sent to slaughter each year.At the slaughterhouse the calves experience their mother's death from inside her.They can be seen kicking & fighting inside the womb as the mother has her throat slit,her legs cut off & her skin pulled off.Some calves are cut out from their dead mother’s womb

Calf born on the way to slaughterhouse. So very sad. Please go vegan.

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“Male calves considered 'agricultural waste' in dairy industry. Thrown out as garbage:”

The truth hurts

The Egg Industry deems baby male chicks useless, so they're literally killed by being tossed into a grinder”

this is a free range poultry farm... probably not what you were picturing

Are organic eggs a scam? Good article on true pasture raised organic eggs

The truth about dairy... now can you still drink cow's milk or anything else that's dairy? I can't!

Pro vegan: dairy is bestiality, rape, kidnapping, slavery, infanticide and murder.


Male baby chicks get thrown out or ground up alive for the egg industry

Beef vs. Veg Protein Content Per 100g

Veg Protein Content Per

Because roosters can't lay eggs, male chicks are killed shortly after hatching by suffocation or being ground up ALIVE. Pass the tofu omelet, please!

Because roosters can't lay eggs, male chicks at hatcheries are killed shortly after hatching by suffocation or being ground up ALIVE. Pass the tofu omelet, please!

These living, baby chicks are simply a commodity. The males are put into a grinder because they are a side effect of the business that has no use.

the reason i can no longer eat eggs. Read up on what happens to all these male baby chicks :( its not a happy ending at the end of the conveyor belt

Cows do not magically produce milk. And we don't need it for optimal human health.

vegan: the cruel dairy industry, sad. GO VEGAN. Vegetarians, you are still contributing to the suffering of animal lives that are tormented in the dairy and egg industry. Go vegan