57 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Harry Potter. At least one of these is incorrect, but they're all really fun and interesting!

Now it makes sense. Interesting in depth look at Pirates of the Caribbean...

Pirates of the Caribbean. Why Jack Sparrow is the worst pirate: he was branded a pirate because he freed 100 slaves. Crispin wrote a book called The Price of Freedom. It explains this and it's really good, I love it.

The Vampire Diaries

Many MANY people not on that list at least a 100 something years worth of people

Vampire diaries..... Damon Salvatore!!!!!

The Vampire Diaries Damon "You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure and even a little danger.

BvS Dawn of Justice

Wonder Woman was the only good part of that movie. Well her and pretty much the last half of the movie after all of the Batman vs Superman crap got out of the way.

Jurassic world and Jurassic Park memes...hilarious

Hilarious New Jurassic World Mormon Memes

Dinosaurs are the perfect subject for memes--they've been dead for tens of millions of years, and they can't fight back. Here are the 20 most amusing dinosaur memes, culled from all corners of the internet.

Wonder Woman Quotes 2017 - A list of top top quotes from the movie!

Wonder Woman Quotes 2017

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