A full hour of Friends bloopers? Heck yes! Saving this for a bad day.

A full hour of Friends bloopers? Heck yes! Saving this for a bad day.just watched this entire thing, laughing so hard i cried hahah)

I needed to know

50 things you don't need to know, but should read anyways because it's kind of crazy and awesome and it will make you a better nerd! XD and will probably gross you out too. Never eating chocolate bars again.


Exactly the way I feel every time I think of my dad. It's the worst feeling I have ever felt. Even when I think of something funny or something nice I still feel this way.

Is this real life?!?

I thought I was large when I was pregnant,.How can she even still stand up.God bless her!


YOU are the one missing a dollar. If you owe them 100 and u give them dollar. You owe them 97 which makes sense, being the equivalent to the shirt. Giving them would be 1 dollar to much.

the mind is a treacherous place.

A map of my life. (Although I’m sure it applies to pretty much any writer/artist/musician/creator of things.) “A Mental Map” illustrated by Anne Emond

Thought this was cute. I don't know who Leo and Virgo are though. Jasmine (aries), Belle (taurus), Alice (gemini), Cinderella (cancer), ?? (leo), ?? (virgo), Mulan (Libra), Pocahontas (Scorpio), Rapunzel (Sagittarius), Aurora (Capricorn), Ariel (Aquarius), Snow White (Pisces)

Virgo- prinesses and the frog Libra- mullan Scorpio- pocotontus Sagittarius- repunsule capricorn- slepping beauty aquaruis- ariel pisces- snow white


(с) John Waters. I can't say I agree, but I love all things John Waters.However I wouldn't fuck him.


This is to share the erotic, naughty, lovely pictures we aren't allowed to have on our FB page. Admiration for the beauty of the body and sexy, sensual seduction is our goal.

Don't get to excited... it's just his thumb...

A Master's Girl, kinkystartshere: secretdaddy: Yummy.