Guns n' Boys by K.A. Merikan

Images which make me think of stuff for Guns n' Boys :)
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Scene: Thane has a motorcycle. He rarely uses it, since there isn't as much of a point; a lot of places in Midnight Haven are within walking distance of each other, and he prefers walking over riding. But he uses it later on to drive Cori and him a little


Rodrigo Alvarado had inherited the family business, both of them, at fifteen after his father, Nicholas Alvarado, died in a mysterious car crash.

: let me get that for you

I though about something about between Niven Diaz and Dean Bronson. I hope it look very cute for two teenagers

Guns n' Boys

Nathaniel’s driver , also his clean up man , love advice person , and good friend — Ryland.


Dirty Hands

"this is gross" "this is going to help us make a new friend" "oh my god there's something green on my glasses" "shut up Laura we're making friends"

Diego's horse inspiration

Diego's horse inspiration

Diego inspiration

Image Detail for - Poze Mario Cimarro - Actor - Poza 3 din 37 - CineMagia.