chibi-com-gloinghatter by azzai on deviantart

chibi commission for wonderful guys ---- characters [c] GlowingHatter art [c] me chibi_com_GlowingHatter

Insane97 Commission by on @DeviantArt

I'm blitz you may think wow he's a rabid animal like any other wolf but no I ran away when I was about 1 year old I'm now 4 I live with my pack they accepted me as one of them no wolves are rabid but.

Sketches Desoto by on @DeviantArt

Next character sheet scribbles - Avias, Desoto's mother and the eldest of the WeuUkoo Wolves. Avias was the loving mate of Callon (who was killed w.

Commission :: Kimi133 by Kamirah on DeviantArt

Second batch of chibi (semi-chibi) commissions done! c: Commissioned by: Kitchiki xWhiteDreamsx ultravires FireFlufferz Snowfoo Sutexii ClaireLyxa (Contest prize) Chibi commissions are open.